"You Look Good Jack" is a musical cue composed and conducted by Hans Zimmer for Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest. It appears as track ten on the film's soundtrack, at 5:34 in length.

The track begins slowly, with hints of "Davy Jones", with dark notes and a low riding ostinato building up until a drop-off (02:46) leaving a heartbeat pulse (02:58). The orchestra picks up (03:16) with strong brass and tight strings. It cuts to silence (03:42) before introducing a thrashing electric guitar rendition of the "cursed pirates" theme from "Swords Crossed" (03:46). It calms down again (03:58) leaving a slowly building brass line until dropping into a deep electronic bass version of the opening of "The Kraken" (05:01), again backed by the heartbeat pulse. The track ends with a dramatic swell.

It accompanies Jack Sparrow's reunion with Bootstrap Bill Turner onboard the Black Pearl, his subsequent race to escape the Kraken by finding land, and the destruction of the Turkish fishing boat. It appears out of sync with the other cues on the soundtrack CD, appearing between the final cues of the film, rather than being located between "I've Got My Eye on You" and "Dinner is Served", as per the order of scenes in the film.


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