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Beckett World Map
World map
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Cutler Beckett's office

Behind the scenes
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Dead Man's Chest

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Dead Man's Chest

"The map is finished, sir."
"[Beckett gazes at the map]...Just the way I imagined it.
Artisan and Cutler Beckett[src] (deleted scene)

This map of the world, known as the Nova totius Terrarum Orbis geographica ac hydrographica tabula, was painted in Cutler Beckett's office in Port Royal.


"Jack Sparrow is a dying breed. The world is shrinking. The blank edges of the map filled in. Jack must find his place in the New World or perish."
Cutler Beckett to William Turner[src]
Filling the map

The artisan painting the world map.

Shortly after Lord Cutler Beckett's arrival and takeover of Port Royal, he wanted his plans to be updated constantly. He employs the artisan to paint the map in Beckett's office. As ships bring in reports of the growing power of the East India Trading Company and new discoveries, the artisan paints in the blank portions of the map, adding new ports, countries, and towns. The completion of the map was still in progress with William Turner's meeting with Beckett, Elizabeth Swann's visit to Beckett, and when Beckett took Weatherby Swann's freedom by employing him while telling him the whereabouts of Elizabeth.[1]

The map was known to be completed around when James Norrington presented the heart of Davy Jones to Beckett.[2] It is unknown what happened to the map after the battle of Calypso's maelstrom.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • In the Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest script, this map was referred to as the "World map".
  • In real-world history, the original Nova totius Terrarum Orbis geographica ac hydrographica tabula would be created by Hendrik Hondius in 1630, and published the following year in the atlas Atlantis Maioris Appendix.



Notes and referencesEdit

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