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This article is about the soundtrack cue. You may be looking for William Turner or Elizabeth Swann.
Pirates of the Caribbean - Soundtr 04 - Will and Elizabeth02:08

Pirates of the Caribbean - Soundtr 04 - Will and Elizabeth

"Will and Elizabeth" is a musical theme credited to Klaus Badelt (with Hans Zimmer's assistance) for Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. It appears as track four on the film's soundtrack, at 2:08 in length.

The track segues in from "The Black Pearl" with a dramatic note, before rising into the film's main "swashbuckling" theme (00:05). This continues at a fast pace, building until the climax (02:04), where it drops off into "Swords Crossed".

Despite the name, this track underscores the duel between Jack Sparrow and William Turner in John Brown's smithy.


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