The White Ensign of the Royal Navy.

"See! She's Royal Navy, just as I told you."
Nathaniel Bainbridge to Jack Sparrow, after he saw the White Ensign on the Venganza[src]

The White Ensign or St George's Ensign was an ensign flown on British Royal Navy ships and shore establishments. It consisted of a red St. George's Cross on a white field with the Union Jack in the upper canton.

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Boat ensign

Hector Barbossa, Gillette, Theodore Groves, and Joshamee Gibbs stand before a longboat with the White Ensign.

Throughout the Age of Piracy, the White Ensign was one of three ensigns in use in the British Royal Navy, with each one being assigned to one of the three squadrons of the navy, according to its colour (red, white and blue, with red being the most senior and blue the least). Ships flew the colour of ensign corresponding to the squadron to which they were attached, which was in turn determined by the seniority of the admiral under whose command the ship sailed (a rear admiral of the red was senior to a rear admiral of the white).

When the pirate frigate Venganza chased the EITC merchant vessel Fair Wind, the pirate crew hoisted the White Ensign to fool their prey into thinking that the frigate is a Royal Navy vessel. That tactic worked for Captain Nathaniel Bainbridge, but the Fair Wind's First Mate Jack Sparrow wasn't deceived.[1]

In 1750, for his search for the legendary Fountain of Youth, the British privateer Hector Barbossa was appointed by King George II as captain of the HMS Providence, a ship of the white squadron.[2]

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