This article is about one of Hector Barbossa's crewmen You may be looking for Weatherby Swann, Governor of Port Royal
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1720s, Isla de Muerta

Weapon(s) owned


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Black Pearl


Mutiny on the Black Pearl
Attack on Port Royal
Destruction of the Interceptor
Battle of Isla de Muerta


Cursed crew

Behind the scenes
First appearance

The Curse of the Black Pearl

Latest appearance

The Curse of the Black Pearl


Body destroyed by explosion


D.P. FitzGerald

"Come on!"
―Weatherby to his crewmates during the attack on Port Royal.[src]

Weatherby was a pirate serving onboard the Black Pearl under Captain Hector Barbossa during the attempt to lift the curse of Isla de Muerta.



Weatherby upon being stabbed by an oar.

Weatherby was presumably recruited by Jack Sparrow prior to the search for Isla de Muerta, and would have supported the mutiny that saw Sparrow's First Mate, Barbossa, take command of the Pearl. The entire crew became cursed upon taking the treasure of Hernán Cortés from the island, and spent the next nine years reclaiming all 882 gold coins to lift the curse.

He was one of the three pirates which stayed on Isla de Muerta with Barbossa, Sparrow and Turner. Then, Will and Elizabeth impaled him, Jacoby and Monk together with the same rod.

Will placed a grenade inside Jacoby's skeletal form, and pushed him out of the moonlight, trapping it in his flesh-and-blood body. Weatherby exploded, along with his mates. When the curse was lifted they died almost immediately.

Behind the Scenes Edit

  • When the cursed crew were first identified, Clubba was confused with Weatherby. It was assumed that Clubba stayed behind at Isla De Muerta and died with Jacoby and Monk, but it was later revealed that it was in fact Weatherby who stayed.


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