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For other uses, see Walk the Plank (disambiguation)

"Walk the Plank" is a musical theme credited to Klaus Badelt (with Hans Zimmer's assistance) for Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. It appears as track six on the film's soundtrack, at 1:58 in length.

Part 1

The track segues in from "Swords Crossed", presenting striking chords for a brief rendition of the cursed crew's theme. It plays when Barbossa, in his cursed form, drinks a bottle of wine in front of Elizabeth.

Part 2

This part of the track is played when Jack Sparrow, along with William Turner, are trying to commandeer the HMS Interceptor. The second part begins with a mournful tune (00:14) before increasing suspensefully (00:26) until a rendition of Jack Sparrow's waltzing theme on violins (01:02). It builds (01:45) into a dramatic climax before lapsing into silence for the remaining seconds.


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