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"Walk the Plank" is a musical theme credited to Klaus Badelt (with Hans Zimmer's assistance) for Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. It appears as track six on the film's soundtrack, at 1:58 in length.

Part 1Edit

The track segues in from "Swords Crossed", presenting striking chords for a brief rendition of the cursed crew's theme. It plays when Barbossa, in his cursed form, drinks a bottle of wine in front of Elizabeth.

Part 2Edit

This part of the track is played when Jack Sparrow, along with William Turner, are trying to commandeer the HMS Interceptor. The second part begins with a mournful tune (00:14) before increasing suspensefully (00:26) until a rendition of Jack Sparrow's waltzing theme on violins (01:02). It builds (01:45) into a dramatic climax before lapsing into silence for the remaining seconds.


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