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1751,[1] in the Devil's Triangle


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Dead Men Tell No Tales

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Dead Men Tell No Tales


Killed by the crew of the Silent Mary.[2]


Michael Dorman

"She's going in, sir."
"Chase her down.
―Wade and Captain Toms[src]

Wade was an officer in the British Royal Navy, serving aboard the Monarch under Captain Toms.

Biography Edit

 The hunt for the Ruddy Rose Edit

In 1751, the Monarch hunted down the Ruddy Rose, a Dutch barque stolen and captained by the fearsome pirate Captain Bonnet, in the Atlantic Ocean. Wade looked through a spyglass and informed Captain Toms that the Ruddy Rose was sailing into the giant cave in front of them. However, the young sailor Henry Turner, upon realizing that they were heading to the Devil's Triangle, ran to warn Captain Toms, telling him that they should avoid entering the Triangle since several ships that entered there would not come out. Wade ordered his men to lock Turner in a cell but the young sailor tried to change the course by force. He was quickly caught and locked in the brig by Officer Cole and a pair of Royal Marines.[2]

Once the Monarch entered the Devil's Triangle, Wade noticed the remains of Bonnet's Dutch barque. When another officer noticed an unknown ship off the starboard bow, Wade said that the ship was just a wreck, and therefore posed no threat to the Monarch. A moment later Captain Toms noticed that the wreck was sailing straight for the Monarch and ordered the crew to open fire. Despite the heavy cannon fire, the mysterious ship seemed to be indestructible. The terrible and ghostly Capitán Armando Salazar and his crew quickly appeared on the scene, annihilating the crew of the Monarch and setting fire to the ship. Wade watched in horror as his shipmates were ruthlessly slaughtered, and attempted to back away from the battle but walked straight into one of Salazar's crewmen, who stabbed him in the back.[2]

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