Fight on Isla de Muerta 17
"It's not a bad look, really. Eh?"
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"What sport! Fight on warriors! To never ending battle!"
―The Ice Viking King[src]

The Viking King was once a great Norse Lord. He was on his way to the New World with his subjects when his vessel crashed into an iceberg. The King and his crew were turned into frozen warriors, destined to haunt the glacier forever, luring unsuspecting ships to their doom.


When Jack Sparrow related tales of his exploits to the crowd at Fort Alvo Grande in Panama, he claimed that he and William Turner crashed their ship, the HMS Interceptor, in the glacier, killing the crewmen. They foiled the Ice Vikings' attempts to blow up the Interceptor and fought their way to the throne of the King.

After a long and difficult fight, Jack and Will managed to defeat the king, who vanished, leaving behind a war horn, which could shatter the ice. They were confronted by the King on a sheet of ice, but he was devoured by a great White Whale.

As this was only one of Jack's tales, it is uncertain as to whether there really was an Ice Viking King.