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Very old man
Biographical information


Hair color



Black Pearl, off Isla Cruces

Also known as

Very old man

Ship(s) captained or crewed

Black Pearl


Skirmish off of the Isla Cruces


Jack Sparrow

Behind the scenes
First appearance

Dead Man's Chest

Last appearance

Dead Man's Chest


Killed by the Kraken


Derrick O'Connor

"Truth be told, I've never sailed a day in me life. I figure I should get out an' see the world while I'm still young."
―Very old man to Joshamee Gibbs[src]
This old man was hired by Joshamee Gibbs to serve under Captain Jack Sparrow aboard the Black Pearl. Although the man was not informed, Jack intended to give his new recruits over to Davy Jones in order to appease his debt. He walked with the aid of a wooden staff.
The Very Old Man and Irish Man aboard the Black Pearl

The old man with the Irish man aboard the Black Pearl.

The new recruit signed up in the Twelve Daggers tavern in Tortuga, where he told Gibbs he had never sailed a day in his life, but wanted to see the world while he was still "young". He served as a cannoneer with the Irish man aboard the Black Pearl, and was ultimately killed during the Kraken's attack on the Black Pearl off Isla Cruces.

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