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February 29, 2012
  • WillTurner101

    Epic Battle

    June 7, 2012 by WillTurner101

    Have a little question for you.

    If the following people were in a massive battle who would win?

    Jack Sparrow

    Will Turner

    Elizabeth Swann


    James Norrington

    Hector Barbossa

    So who would win?

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  • WillTurner101

    To make a long story short, I got bored today and googled Pirates Of The Caribbean Quizs. And thanks to this wonderful wiki, I got every question right on all of them. I just wanted to thank every body on this wiki, from our administrators to just the umble little user like me. So, thank you all, there is no way this can't be the best Pirate Of The Caribbean site in the world.

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  • WillTurner101

    Take This Quiz

    June 1, 2012 by WillTurner101

    Just a little something I read somewhere. Thought you guys might enjoy reading and taking this quiz.

    So her you go!

    Answer the following yes if the statement's true and no if it's not.

    You've watch Pirates I more times than you can count on one hand.


    You've seen Pirates II more than once.


    You own Pirates I on DVD.


    You call Orlando Bloom, Will Turner more often than you use his real name.


    You call Johnny Depp, Captain Jack Sparrow more often than you call him Johnny.


    You hate it when people forget the 'Captain' in Captain Jack Sparrow's name almost as much as Jack himself does.


    You can quote everything (funny) Jack has ever said.


    Even if you've never done the following before, answer yes …

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  • WillTurner101

    What Next?

    May 18, 2012 by WillTurner101

    Okay heres my question.After Will returns to Elizabeth, what becomes of The Flying Dutchman. Does Will get to keep it, does Calypso find a new captain, or does the Dutchman get destroyed. Just wondering what you think.

    In my opinion, Calypso would have to find another captain, because someone should have to ferry souls to the other side, otherwise then wouldn't there be a who.e lot of soles waiting to crossover (like in AWE when Elizabeth saw her father in the small longboat), and that would not be good at all. But of course this is all in my opinion.

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  • WillTurner101

    I know this may be a stupid question but are you a pirate or a ninja?

    I know I am a pirate all the way.

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