So far i made up these random ideas for movies

here they are:

MOVIE 5: The Island of Cortez

It starts with Hector Barbossa going to see Elizabeth telling her that he found a way to cure Will. Then ANgelica lures Sparrow to her with the doll to help her escape from her island and reunite with some members of her crew. they plan to revive blackbeard. Barbossa tells Elizabeth that on Cortez's island there are 2 crystals when held by someone and will they can give the curse to them. He also has motives of getting treasure and the sword of cortez. They set off to find the crystals, and also Angelica's crew are heading there in order to take the sword of cortez. They revive blackbeard in the process. In the final scene all three ships are at the island and on the flying dutchman, Hector and WIll are switching the curse, but blackbeard takes hector's place and becomes flyiong dutchman captain and uses the crew to imprison elizabeth will and hector. Jack who was hiding attacks with the sword of cortez and kills half of its crew and angelica although she is immortal, but the sword can kill immortals. Hector Jack will and elizabeth escape from the island. However the sword is destroyed. 

MOVIE 6: The lost city

Hector and Jakc discover that there is a jewell in atlantis which can bring back the pearl. they decide to set off to find it after will and elizabeth's wedding. In the wedding, Davey Jones who was brought back from the dead to become second mate for blackbeard kidnaps will elizabeth and will and jack. on the boat Blackbeard is about to kill them Jack tells blackbeard about atlantis and sets out to spare them. Gibbs and hector set off to save Jack but Hector gives up gibbs to the English navy, and recieves a promotion. He then sets off to Atlantis in a royal boat. The flying dutchman is shipwrecked and the boat splits in half. The half Davy Jones Blackbeard and Jack are in reaches atlantis and the other one reaches the other side of atlantis. Jack and the other 2 are at atlantis and they see a treasure chest. Jack opens it and a fish man comes out later on revealed to be triton. Blackbeard imprisons him and takes the treasure. Hector reaches the island and helps jack steal the sword from blackbeard by disguising him as angelica and trapping blackbeard. the pearl is remade and hector escapes on it with the sword of triton and hands will elizabeth (who found the other party) over the the english ship. Hector realizes that the sword he is holding is fake and triton has the real one, which he is using to unleash poseidon. at the end it is revealed angelica is the gypsy and is alive.

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