• The caveman

    So far i made up these random ideas for movies

    here they are:

    MOVIE 5: The Island of Cortez

    It starts with Hector Barbossa going to see Elizabeth telling her that he found a way to cure Will. Then ANgelica lures Sparrow to her with the doll to help her escape from her island and reunite with some members of her crew. they plan to revive blackbeard. Barbossa tells Elizabeth that on Cortez's island there are 2 crystals when held by someone and will they can give the curse to them. He also has motives of getting treasure and the sword of cortez. They set off to find the crystals, and also Angelica's crew are heading there in order to take the sword of cortez. They revive blackbeard in the process. In the final scene all three ships are at the is…

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