Cotton, Pintel, Ragetti and the many unnamed chinese pirates in the Motley Crew under Barbossa at the end of At World's End are never seen after the films' end. Marty, Murtogg and Mullroy all left the crew, we know that. Murtogg and Mullroy joined the Queen Anne's Revenge crew, and Marty joined the Dying Gull crew. But, we have no idea what happened to the others. Did they die in Blackbeard's attack? Did they escape? Or did they simply resign beforehand? We now know that they weren't inside the bottle with the Black Pearl, as they weren't seen when it was released. But then, Cotton's parrot was seen inside the bottle in On Stranger Tides, but didn't get released along with the pearl like Jack the Monkey did. It may be possible they starved inside the bottle (the monkey didn't because he is undead), but there aren't any bodies in Dead Men Tell No Tales. Personally, I don't think Disney would kill them off, especially Pintel, Ragetti and the Parrot. Post whatever you think in the comments!

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