My ten favorite Pirates of the Caribbean soundtracks, from worst to best. I haven't included any from the latest film, because I thought the soundtrack sounded off. This is my first ever blog post, so it won't be great.

10; 'Jack Sparrow' from Dead Man's Chest. Basically all of the main themes from the second film. I love it, but it's not my favourite.

9; 'Hoist the Colors' I like this one a lot. I got chills when I first heard it. I liked it in COTBP and DMTNT. I love the loud part (of couse), as well as the build-up.

8; 'Singapore Battle' I absolutely love this theme, especially the part that plays when the battle spreads to outside Sao Feng's fortress, as well as the EITC theme.

7; I'm not sure what the track is called, but it's from the scene where the British Royal Navy, the crew of the Queen Anne's Revenge and later the Spanish fight at the temple where the fountain of youth is hidden. I like that it uses many different tracks from other scenes, and I love the Spaniard's suite.

6; Again, I don't know the name of this particular track, but it plays when the Edinburgh Trader is ripped apart by the Kraken. I love the organ part, and the build-up to it. I feel sorry for the crew, but it was worth them dying to hear this track.

5; 'Ship-to-Ship Battle'  I love the part that plays during the Cursed Crew's boarding of the Interceptor, and my favorite part is the little bit that plays as Jack comes out onto the Black Pearl's deck. This tiny bit is only played here and during the Maelstrom sequence.

4; 'Palm Tree Escape' The amazing tune that plays during Jack's escape from the Spanish. The scene is silly, but I love this music. 

3; 'Imposter Sword Fight' The music that plays during the fight between Angelica and Jack in the Captain's Daughter. It's basically a mix of many great tunes from the other films. I love that Beckett's theme is in it (I love his theme).

2; 'Bloody Pirates' The music that plays when Norrington and his men return to the HMS Dauntless and fight the cursed crew. I love the part that plays as they climb aboard the ship. It only plays here and I wish it was used more. I also love the part that plays afterwards, when they battle the pirates.

1; 'I don't think now is the best time', and the rest of the Maelstrom sequence music. I love how it plays lots of tracks from the other films, while also adding some new ones. It just sounds epic. In fact, I'm listening to it while writing this. 

So, that's it. Post your opinions in the comments! As I read over the list, I realised I used the word 'love' way too many times. Anyway, thanks for reading.