Okay, Remember when it was two months prior to when Pirates 4 was being released to movie theaters meaning March 2011, and Disney(the studio) re-issued(re-released) Pirates 1, 2 and 3 on Blu-ray with free movie passes to see Pirates 4 in theaters and Pirates 2 and Pirates 3's Blu-ray re-releases from March 2011 had never before seen Deleted scenes and Extended scenes from Pirates 2 and Pirates 3, just before when Pirates 4 was coming out to theaters two months later in May 2011? Well, is it possible that they(Disney) will repeat that where they would have the first four Pirates of the Caribbean movies re-issued(re-released) on Blu-ray individually all on the same Blu-ray re-issue (re-release date), with free movie passes or free movie vouchers to see Pirates 5 in theaters a few months later and with its 9 never before seen Deleted scenes and Exended scenes from Pirates 4 included in it and with the short film "Tales of the Coded: Wedlocked" included with it as well, maybe about two months or so before Pirates 5 is released to theaters in 2015?

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