Once we are in October 2012 it will be a year, since it was announced that Pirates 5's script was being re-written. Is it possible that in October 2012 or in November 2012, that Pirates 5's movie title and release date will be announced? Or since Terry Rossio mentioned to someone on his website "", that Pirates 5's movie title and release date might be announced in April 2013, by saying that "Around April is about right", is that more likely when Pirates 5's movie title and release date will be announced? Also, There are websites that are saying now, that Pirates 5 will start filming in Puerto Rico in November 2012, and there are websites basically saying that that is actually not true. Is it possible that that is not true and that they will actually start filming in Puerto Rico, either once or right after the upcoming Disney movie The Lone Ranger has been released to theaters, like maybe starting in July or August? Or during sometime after that? Although, i don't think Pirates 5 will be released to theaters until July 2015, because i doubt that Disney would release two big Disney movies starring Johnny Depp, one right after the other in 2013 and in 2014 a year or so after. Am i right in thinking that they would have 2014 as a gap between The Lone Ranger and Pirates 5? Also, The Avengers 2 is going to be released on Friday May 1st 2015, so is it possible that Pirates 5 would end up being released to theaters sometime in July 2015, rather then it being released to theaters in May 2015 if Pirates 5 gets released to theaters in 2015?

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