Hollywood heavyweight confirms Pirates of the Caribbean Gold Coast shoot to start next week

THE cameras will finally start rolling on Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales on the Gold Coast on February 12.

Hollywood heavyweight Jerry Bruckheimer, producer of the billion-dollar film franchise based on Walt Disney’s theme park ride of the same name, confirmed the news on Twitter in a post accompanied by a picture of one of several sets being built for the massive production — a medieval village at Maudsland, in the Gold Coast Hinterland.

“Two weeks until we start shooting Pirates 5. Joachim Ronning just posted a great pic from the set in Australia,” he wrote on Twitter.

Ronning is co-directing the film with fellow Norweigan Espen Sandberg.

While Aussie actor Geoffrey Rush and Bruckheimer have been sighted on the Coast in recent weeks, Pirates star Johnny Depp is not expected to set sail for local shores until late next week.

Instead, Depp is in the Bahamas, where he is expected to tie the knot with longtime fiance Amber Heard this weekend before he heads to Australia to begin filming.

Speaking at the AACTA Awards in Sydney on the weekend, Depp’s Melbourne-based co-star Rush confirmed pre-production on the $250 million fantasy swashbuckler was in full swing.

“They are all in serious preparation. I mean, they’ve got sets and the studios have all been decked out,’’ he said.

Rush, who reprises his role as Captain Hector Barbossa, confirmed he had visited the Coast for costume fittings.

“They have to make me look old and craggy and salty — that takes some time,” Rush said.

Insiders say the film’s first port of call will be at sea — to shoot background footage to be projected on to “blue screens” indoors at Village Roadshow Studios and outdoors at two large, temporary studios at Helensvale.

Shipping containers have been stacked four-high to build the frames of the Helensvale studios, each of which contain a blue screen and a very large cradle.

Pirate ships will be hoisted on to the cradles, which will move them about to create the effect of boats rocking in the ocean.

However, wet weather has delayed work at both the Helensvale site and at Maudsland where set workers have been busy crafting a village, complete with thatched roofs and marketplaces, since November last year

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