Posted on on Friday December 13th 2013

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales Plot Information! Compare and Contrast

Today I learned something regarding the old script for Pirates 5. The old script for Pirates of the Caribbean 5 included a resurrected crew that was Cortez's old crew that came back to life. In order to take back the cursed treasure, they would have to kill Jack and Barbossa because they "harassed" the treasure. Jack and Barbossa were going to ask Calypso to set Will Turner free for a short period so he could help them on the adventure. In order for that to happen, Will Turner would need his heart back for a little bit. Keep in mind, Elizabeth would have the heart so she would be in the movie for a cameo. The reason this script was scrapped was because someone leaked the whole thing and the fact that it would have been way too expensive to produce...

The new script is about Jack learning about the Trident from his father Captain Teague. Captain Edward Teague holds extremely valuable information to the journey. Captain Jack Sparrow, Captain Barbossa, and the new evil Captain Brand will be fighting for the control of the Trident. Captain Brand has a vendetta against Jack Sparrow because Brand believes Sparrow turned his brother into a pirate which lead to his death. Besides all the action the new love interest for Jack is Carina Smyth, daughter of Captain Barbossa. It will be interesting to see if this creates tension between Jack and Barbossa again. Even though the second script has been chosen, which script would you prefer? Would you rather see Orlando and Keira, or the present planned script?

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