September 21, 2011 by RPM97POTC

    Before the discovery of America, Peru was inhabited by many cultures such as Chavin, Paracas, Mochica, Nazca, and Tiahuanaco. Some time later, the land of Peru and part of other territories, such as Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina, were conquered and inhabited by Incas. This Empire was called Tahuantinsuyo.

    At some point, the Incas acquired some of the Shadow Gold and registered it in the quipus, an Incan tool used to spell out secret messages that can only be explained and decrypted by quipucamayocs—a group of men in who the Inca Emperor trusted for the explanation of quipus.

    Meanwhile, in Spain, Christopher Columbus presented and explained his project -the roundness of the Earth to travel to the Indian territories- to Kings Fe…

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