The end of OT plays like Homer`s Odyssey - Will/Odysseus is bound to/lost at the sea for decade(s), his wife (Penelope/Elisabeth) remains faithful in the most old-fashioned sense of the word (lives like a nun) and the son (Telemachos/William Jr) guards mother`s chastity by fending off suitors/reminding mother with his presence that she must faithfully wait. And there`s aslo Calypso, the powerful sea nymph who summons Odysseus/chooses CotFD from men who have "touch of destiny". Well, make that touch of destiny more like "Mmmm, he`s hot". :)

Which brings me to William and Calypso. In Odyssey, Odysseus and Calypso become lovers. Well, he is kinda gang-pressed into it because she promised to release him if he plays house with her (and they indeed produced two fine sons). So I am wondering if that`s how things play out with William. We know that Tia (who is Calypso) had hots for him. We know that she and Jones were lovers so it looks like being CotFD and Calypso`s love go hand in hand. And while T&T claim that for Will to be free from service Elisabeth must be faithful (in the Inquision sense of word, lol), no such requirement was said to exists on Will`s side. He can frolick with the Goddess if she demands it especially if that comes with a promise to be reunited with his family.

Personally, I never bought the whole "Elisabeth`s chastity breaks the curse" idea. It wasn`t in her character to suddenly turn frigid and chaste since she was kissing men while Will was whole and around and her sexual liberation was the point of COTBP and DMC until AWE took the turn to Dark Ages. So expecting that she would repress her urges now that she is literally married to a severed heart and not a man doesn`t fly. But for the sake of the argument, lets pretend that, yeah, that`s so likely. My problem here is that Calypso is still the highest authority on who gets freedom from FD (if anyone) and I don`t see why she would care that some formerly horny girl now turned Penelope for her long-distance husband. Especially since she admitted it was in her nature to be fickle when she broke the promise to DJ. Therefore, considering obvious allusions to Homer`s masterpiece, it is possible that Will`s freedom was earned Odysseus way but this being Disney movie and all it wasn`t even implied. Which, of course, doesn`t mean we cannot hit books to find pieces of missing puzzle there.

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