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April 7, 2011
  • Pearl of Freedom

    I was always wondering why DJ served Beckett but didn`t feel that other two heartbeareres, Jack and Norrington, were in possession of the heart and, therefore, didn`t pledge his allegiance to any of them. I suspected that it may be the case of will to rule the world by controlling the heart. Deleted scene Map Is Finished confirms it`s the case. Don`t you hate when they omit important stuff?

    Anyway, in MIF scene, Beckett says something to the effect of "why kill DJ when we can add another ship to the fleet" and at that moment, FD appears and DJ salutes to Beckett. So I`m thinking that threat to stab the heart (which is what those marines with bayonettes pointed at the heart were supposed to convey) isn`t enough to have DJ as a personal lapdo…

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  • Pearl of Freedom

    The end of OT plays like Homer`s Odyssey - Will/Odysseus is bound to/lost at the sea for decade(s), his wife (Penelope/Elisabeth) remains faithful in the most old-fashioned sense of the word (lives like a nun) and the son (Telemachos/William Jr) guards mother`s chastity by fending off suitors/reminding mother with his presence that she must faithfully wait. And there`s aslo Calypso, the powerful sea nymph who summons Odysseus/chooses CotFD from men who have "touch of destiny". Well, make that touch of destiny more like "Mmmm, he`s hot". :)

    Which brings me to William and Calypso. In Odyssey, Odysseus and Calypso become lovers. Well, he is kinda gang-pressed into it because she promised to release him if he plays house with her (and they inde…

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  • Pearl of Freedom

    They obviously tried to turn POTC into LOTR on high seas. However, instead of following COTBP with 3 movies, which would make much more sense considering number of characters and plots, they made only two which is why the last movie was so rushed. There really should have been another movie to provide breathing space and character development. Besides, the sequels followed LOTR and Star Wars plots in many points so why the heck not?

    First movie - Fellowship of the Heart. DJ`s heart is a similar plot device to One Ring - it`s an object of power, corrupts those who take it, must be destroyed but there is a catch, you know the drill. Establish the players with interest in the heart (as DMC did). End with a clifhanger (as DMC did). Overall, I`v…

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