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  • Mrcharlton

    This place is to share any coincidental POTC related instances that happened to you before. Feel free to share any event in your life that was parallel or reminded you of a POTC occurence.

    The two youngest kids in my entire class are twins, brother and sister, named Syrena and Phillip. I thought it was coincidental that her name was Syrena, but when I heard she had a brother named Phillip, I was literally laughing, and not very many boys in my grade like POTC, and only one of the other girls understood why I thought it was so funny and ironic.

    Share related experiences bellow

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  • Mrcharlton

    OST trailer spoof

    August 22, 2011 by Mrcharlton

    This is hilarius

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  • Mrcharlton

    Who is your favorite baddie from the POTC franchise? The only two non-villains from the POTC series I added (the short EITC guy and the evil Spanish dude), I put in the choices because I needed diversity. I didn't put in Norrington or King George or anything though because, even though they are considered antagonists, they are still the good guys (because in a way, because he is a pirate, Jack Sparrow would be a bad guy, but a protagonistic and goodish bad guy). Here are your choices......

    Hector Barbossa

    Davy Jones

    The Spaniard

    Eduardo Villainouva (not really a bad guy, but in the AWE game you have to duel him)

    Cutler Beckett

    Jolly Roger


    Black Smoke James

    Dalton Fitzwilliam III

    Captain Hook (((all the way across the sea! Yeah, Yeah, Yeay…

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  • Mrcharlton

    Alright mates, you may be aware of a series of children's books about our favorite pirate captain as a kid, and frankly, I find the idea of him being a pirate as a kid and meeting characters from the movie, too much of a good thing. I never really bothered to read any of the books and I probably never will (except for maybe PoF, but that does not count). Anyway, by browsing the wiki of YJS content, I have come to the conclusion that the series is in fact, non-canonical. In this "testimony" if you will, I will be comparing things directly stated in the movie to things that occured in the books.

    Just about every single book or movie franchise has what you call canon (something that has been directly confirmed to of happened in a fictional uni…

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  • Mrcharlton

    I've found some early gameplay footage from Youtube. It is only the first level (the demo), but I think it will give people a an idea of what the game will be when it hits stores tomorrow.

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