Mr. Bruckheimer had been interviewed by Indiewire and he gave his opinion about the new directors as well as some little updates on the movie.

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We asked Bruckheimer what made him so sure that the relatively unknown filmmakers could tackle such a beloved (not to mention lucrative) franchise.

"We saw their movie early on, maybe six months ago, and I saw some of their other work, which I thought was terrific. That convinced me," Bruckheimer explained. "They were interested in doing it and they flew over and we showed them a script that we were working on and they had really amazing ideas." The producer also offered a progress report on the project: "Last Friday they came to Hollywood and settled in and started working on it. We're hiring production designers now and it's moving forward."

Bruckheimer said that the fifth film would maintain the previous movies' mixture of high seas adventure and supernatural horror ("Absolutely"). We had been told that at least part of the new movie would be set in America, specifically New Orleans, which Bruckheimer sort-of confirmed. "We're certainly going to be filming in Louisiana because of the tax breaks and I think there might be a sequence there," Bruckheimer said. Before quickly adding: "But it will also be set in the Caribbean, obviously."

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