Ahoy maties !

With Jerrry Bruckheimer's comments, some of us were expecting Pirates 5, or DMTNT, to be released around 2016. Sadly (or not, depending on how you see it), Disney just announced July 7, 2017, to be its new official release date.

We can assume Bob Iger finally saw something he thought was worthy to get greenlit, which is good news.

Since the first draft was written in, I think,  2011, that gives them plenty of time to finalize it and make it the best story they can tell. 

Of course, it could still be delayed, but if it happens, I doubt it'll be more than a couple of months. With Johnny Depp getting older, if they're not able to do it for 2017, I'm going to start to doubt the movie will ever happen...

So, what are your thoughts on the new release date ? I guess I know one user who's going to be especially relieved he can finally stop trying to predict it. ;) Sounds off bellow ! :)

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