You may all already know it, but there's some news about P5 ! :D

But I'm not saying it's sure it's true. Maybe it's all false, it stay a rumor.

We still don't know if the script is finish, but I imagine it's close of being 'cause Johnny Depp just sign a deal for reprising the role of Capt. Jack Sparrow in Pirates 5 ! ... for $90 million.

Am I alone to think that it's strange that he's always saying that he love the character and that he's never tired of playing him, but then he asks 90 million for comming back !? Even if he say that it's for his kids, or because he don't want to play in too much blockbusters anymore, so he needs as compensation being over-payed, I don't think he really needs all this money, he already has lot... But anyway, that stay a good new ! :)

There's another thing that he read on a spanish site. I'm not pretty good in spanish, but I think I understood the essential. It says that Puerto Rico is a candidate for being one of the shooting place of Hunger Games 2 and... Pirates Of the Caribbean 5 ! But if those movies are going to be shoot at the same time, that means no Philip Swift in P5 since Sam Calflin just joined that cast of Hunger Games 2.

If you want to read more about that, here are some links ;

Johnny's deal rumor

Spanish site

Sam Calflin in Hunger Games 2

What do you think, matey ? Do you think Johnny's still interested as before into Capt. Jack ('Cause it could influence his acting) ? Or do you think all of this is just a rumor ?

Personally, I kinda hope this is just a rumor. First, 'cause I prefer when it's Jerry Bruckheiner or Johnny Depp himself that give updates, then we are sure that it's true. Second, normally it's Disney that propose the money to Johnny, then he accepts (who would say no ?). But this time, it says that it's Johnny that says something like : "Give me 90 million and I'm gonna say yes" (I know it's surely not what he really said, it's just an image of the situation), which is the opposite of everything he said before about POTC. It don't even says if he read the script !

So I'm just gonna wait for an uptdate from Jerry or Johnny ;)

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