When I first saw OST and that I saw Philip attached to the mast, and then arguing with Blackbeard, my first reaction was that he was an original and interesting new character. He was not going to be a big swordfighter like almost all the others characters, but he was kinda courageous and it was cool to see him defying Blackbeard. After that, during the mermaids' attack he was still a good character for me. But at the moment the relation between him and Syrena (that I personally think was interprated by the worst actress of all the POTC movies so far) begin, I just stop to like the character, it was just too much not credible, they were making me feel like if I was watching a theatre piece like Romeo & Juliet, not the most successful Disney saga. The scene when Jack talk with him about God was funny, but that's it. So you won't be surprise if I say you that I don't want them to come back in P5. But this is just my opinion...

Anyway, all this to post here an interview that I found where Sam Claflin talk a little bit about POTC 5 :

"Presumably, you have to fit that in with Pirates of the Caribbean 5, when does that all kick off?

Not a clue, I’ve not heard anything about anything unfortunately, I’m probably the last to find out. I think there was a plan to maybe do one this year, but they’re doing The Lone Ranger and focusing on that so who knows, hopefully sometime soon."

He seems to think he will be in it...

What about you guys ? Do you think he must be in Pirates 5 or not ?

Here's the link of the interview :

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