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"In an interview with Yahoo! Movies, series producer Jerry Bruckheimer indicated that plans for Pirates 6 could still go forward if Dead Men Tell No Tales does well enough in its home release:

'Well, I hope we can continue to make it, but you know we’ve been having so much fun just promoting this one right now that we’ll just have to wait and see. Hopefully it’s very successful on DVD as the other ones have been. Then hopefully we’ll sit down and see where we go.'

Bruckheimer also addressed charges that Dead Men Tell No Tales was a box office failure, arguing that the film would have grossed $1 billion worldwide if today’s currency exchange rates were the same as in 2011 when On Stranger Tides cracked the $1 billion mark. Bruckheimer slammed negative media reports about the film’s performance:

'The media likes to run with the reviews and we didn’t get great reviews, so they like to say it didn’t do well. But god it’s at what, $790 [million] now? It’s amazing.' "

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