Remember that I'm not an english speaker, so don't say me that there's errors and incorect words, I know that there is and I do my possible.

Hi maties !!,

I'm trying to imaginate how Pirates 5 will be, and I got an idea that, I think, could be interesting.

I'm personally a fan of the scenes when Captain Jack and Mr. Gibbs are togheter, like the ending scenes of At World's End and On Stranger Tides, because I think that they make a formidable and funny duet. That's why I thought that POTC 5 could teach us more about how the captain and his firstmate met togheter and became friends. Also, something very sad could happen, like a quarrel and a fight between Jack and Gibbs. What can be more sad that to see two friends fighting togheter. After that, I thought that Jack could chase away Gibbs from the crew, an other very sad scene. Then Gibbs could be captured, or an other thing like that. Jack, that have a lot of remorse, could return search Gibbs at the place he left him and realize that something happen to his firstmate. So Jack would go save Gibbs, and I think it's could be very exciting to see Jack do everything to save his best friend ! Naturally, I'm not saying that I want Jack and Gibbs' friendship the principal thing in Pirates Of the Caribbean 5, but there always more than one story in a Pirates movie ! ;)

Add to that some English, some Spanish, some Pirates, some Islands, some Swords, some Ships, Magic, a lot of characters and a killing soundtrack and we have our movie ! ( I know that I didn't put everything... ;D )

So, agree ? Or not ? Others ideas ? I'm waiting for your comments .. Savy ??

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