• Mr. Joshamee Gibbs

    Ahoy mateys!

    The tracklist from DMTNT's OST was revealed (for those who, like me, are even more escited for the score than for the actual film) : 

    1. Dead Men Tell No Tales (1:51) 2. Salazar (4:27) 3. No Woman Has Ever Handled My Herschel (3:59) 4. You Speak of the Trident (1:58) 5. The Devil’s Triangle (2:45) 6. Shansa (3:12) 7. Kill the Filthy Pirate, I’ll Wait (4:50) 8. The Dying Gull (1:01) 9. El Matador Del Mar (8:05) 10. Kill the Sparrow (6:16) 11. She Needs the Sea (2:32) 12. The Brightest Star in the North (6:00) 13. I’ve Come With the Butcher’s Bill (6:41) 14. The Power of the Sea (4:07) 15. Treasure (5:43) 16. My Name Is Barbossa (5:34) 17. Beyond My Beloved Horizon (2:41)

    That seems like a way better release than the one for On Stranger Tides (tha…

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  • Mr. Joshamee Gibbs

    Ahoy mateys !

    According to Film Music Reporter , Geoff Zanelli would come back to score Pirates 5. This is, as a huge soundtrack fan, an excellent new. You may know him as an "additionnal cues" composer who worked on every POTC film, and you may think it's not that big of a new. But the truth is: he was a lot more than that.

    He composed some of the most iconic cues from the trilogy, including Barbossa is Hungry (originally called Broadside), Sword Crossed (originally called Moonlight Serenade), Lift Off (the parachute scene in AWE), Tia Dalma/Calyspo's theme (included in many tracks from DMC and AWE) and... Guess what ? Believe it or not, He's a Pirate. Of course he didn't invent the main theme, but he's the one who took Hans Zimmer's and Klaus Ba…

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  • Mr. Joshamee Gibbs

    Ahoy maties !

    With Jerrry Bruckheimer's comments, some of us were expecting Pirates 5, or DMTNT, to be released around 2016. Sadly (or not, depending on how you see it), Disney just announced July 7, 2017, to be its new official release date.

    We can assume Bob Iger finally saw something he thought was worthy to get greenlit, which is good news.

    Since the first draft was written in, I think,  2011, that gives them plenty of time to finalize it and make it the best story they can tell. 

    Of course, it could still be delayed, but if it happens, I doubt it'll be more than a couple of months. With Johnny Depp getting older, if they're not able to do it for 2017, I'm going to start to doubt the movie will ever happen...

    So, what are your thoughts on t…

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  • Mr. Joshamee Gibbs

    Yes, Pirates fans, you didn't misread...

    Disney decided to change Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales release date from July 10, 2015 to (potentially) somewhere around summer 2016. Yeah, for those who were highly looking forward to it, it's disappointing, but at the same time, this can only make the movie better. Of course, it's also giving more chances for DMTNT to be a box office success because it won't have the competition it would have had in 2015 (which is maybe the biggest blockbuster year ever).

    Here's what Disney's production president Sean Bailey had to say about it :

    “Like audiences around the globe, we have high expectations for Jack Sparrow’s next adventure and we want to have all the right elements in place,” said Dis…

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  • Mr. Joshamee Gibbs

    Mr. Bruckheimer had been interviewed by Indiewire and he gave his opinion about the new directors as well as some little updates on the movie.

    Here's an insert :

    We asked Bruckheimer what made him so sure that the relatively unknown filmmakers could tackle such a beloved (not to mention lucrative) franchise.

    "We saw their movie early on, maybe six months ago, and I saw some of their other work, which I thought was terrific. That convinced me," Bruckheimer explained. "They were interested in doing it and they flew over and we showed them a script that we were working on and they had really amazing ideas." The producer also offered a progress report on the project: "Last Friday they came to Hollywood and settled in and started working on it. We'r…

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