Hello, My name is Mr.Santana Lopez. Don't get me worng, I am a huge Pirates of the Caribbean fan. And I love all 4 films. When I heard that a fifth Pirates, I had mixed feelings. I mean, I want to see more POTC Films, but I feel that they are going to rush production. I would like to see Pirates 5 in a few more years, but its already planned for a summer 2013 relese. But hey, its Pirates of the Caribbean.

Welcome back friends.

We waited 4 years for a 4th film, and now only 2 years for a 5th. If it was set to be relesed for 2014, I wouldn't mind, but I would love to see another one, ONLY IF JACK COMES BACK!!!!. How do you guys feel. Give me an opinion of the first 4 films, and how do you feel about a 5th film?

The Curse of the Black Pearl- 7/10

Dead Man's Chest- 7/10

At World's End- 10/10

On Stranger Tides-9/10

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