I came across the delightful news today that some players have received the clearance from Disney to publish a free replica of Pirates of the Caribbean Online known as Pirates Online Rewritten, while pushing the envelope by taking in our suggestions and even involvement in the updation of the game. It's full of promise and I'll be excited when it comes out. I also want to get involved in it, partciularly by suggesting the inclusion of other PotC canon material - such as the Shadow Lord and other villains; as well as various locations like Shipwreck Cove.

The first update they'd need in terms of locations would be the previously canceled Jolly Roger's Isle, which they're debating about. Some of the updates which people here who are aware of PotCo in and out would be excited about include new Guild features (hideouts, treasury, events, customized ranks), Trading, the Kraken, Jones, and even varying Weather conditions.

How many of y'all are excited for this and planning to sign up/contribute? I'm up for both, given it's the only worthwhile PotC-related material in a long while.

The official website: (forums included)

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