• I was thinking about this last night and wanted to know what you think of my story.okay, so, Jack Doll was found at the end of OST, right? so here we go. Jack go to Teague to try to get over Angelica. Angelica casts a spell and makes Jack come Back. Jack come back, of coarse. he finds Angelica, and it becomes a little Sparrgelica momment, right. so she kicks him and runs to the boat. but the boat is the black pearl. she asks jack how he got it out and kicked him again. then he says that her father is back from the dead. then they see the Queen and the Misty Lady. but jack relized that he wasn't alone. his mom comes back from the dead and hugs him. angelica looks confused for a momment. then Edward Teach (Blackbeard) comes and hugs her. she says, "Jack, what did you do?" and the title comes. the title is THE LAST SAIL. then the Misty Lady and the Queen stop in time. in fact everything stops in time. then you see the dutchmen starting to come and the time goes back to normal. but not normal. now it's in spain. you see Elizabeth fighting a sailor and William lll is fighting the king. (will is a teenager...) Jack and Angelica come running out of the building with a map. "I think it's time to go now says I."Jack and Will say. "me too. let's go!" Angelica and Eliabeth says.

this is just a little. so comment.

Melspuppies8282 23:25, May 24, 2012 (UTC)

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