Hello Mates and First Mates and everything in between! I hsve a Q for all of you. One of the most inportant things I get asked is "What's your favorite quote?" The Q for this, "Which is your fav quote from each person?" So here are your chocies:

Edward Teach

Captain Jack Sparrow

Angelica Teach

William Turner ll

Elizabeth Turner


Captain Teague Sparrow



Here's mine:

"I'm a bad man." - Blackbeard

"You will always remember this day as the day you almost caught, Captain Jack Sparrow!" - Jack

"I am with child... yours." - Angelica

"Will you marry me?" - William

"King?" - Elizabeth

"Aye. Her." - Gibbs

"No we named the monkey 'Jack'." - Barbossa

Give me what you think.


Edward Teach - On Stranger Tides

Edward Teach


Captain Jack Sparrow!


Angelica Teach


William Turner ll


Eilzabeth Turner (nee Swann)

Gibbs locker


Barbossa reference

Hector Barbossa

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