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  • Melspuppies8282

    I wonder who the next pirate couple will be...

    Hopefully I didn't miss anything about it.

    If so, please tell me.

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  • Melspuppies8282
    1. Who do you think the best couple is of the pirate series?
    2. Who do you think is the worst couple?
    3. Who do you think should stay enemies in the pirate series?
    4. Who do you think should make up and become mates?
    5. What's your favorite movie in the pirate fanchase (SP?)?
    6. Who would you like to meet in real life?
    7. Who do you think should be in am anime?
    8. What do you think Jack's mother looked like?
    9. Would you like to meet Captain Jack Sparrow in person? Why/why not?
    10. What's your piece of eight?


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    So, If you really want to read this, be my guest. I don't care if you do or if you don't, but only because if you want a shout out on YouTube, you need to…

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  • Melspuppies8282

    I'm Back B****es! Thought you got rid of me? Well, I don't like you either! (LJK...) So there's a story my friend, MayraH.Spain, Wanted me to write. So, if you're looking for a smart, needed blog, GO AWAY! FIRST AND ONLY WARNING! There we go.

    If you're still here, GREAT! If not, Typical. Typical people. So here we go PIRATES AND NAVY!

    ~Mayra The Beautiful Spainish Goddess/Princess~

    Long ago was a beautiful Queen. The Queen knew that she would die soon. With one big gulp, she started to grow. She grew and grew and grew until-POP- a baby can from her body. But the Queen kept growing. The Queen went to the heavens for she was a goddess.The Princess started to glow a faint purple. Then she was clothed and clean. While growing up, the pricess grew…

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  • Melspuppies8282

    I am sorry for this, but I can't keep going through this. This is my last blog post, but it's only for now. I will still answer blog posts, but if someone writes back to me I won't answer back.

    But since this is a post, I will make it somewhat special. So I ask you: Who Do You Think Is A Better Couple? Now, this isn't the regular PotC couple, this is mixed movies couple. K, here are the couples:





    These couples are made in hope of one winning my contest for best couple: mixed movies edition.

    The couples I picked I hope are most like each other. This blog doesn't have a Mine on it, only because it is my last.


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  • Melspuppies8282

    Okay, so what this post is about is do you think Teague was a REAL ladies man or not? The only reason I tink he is is because he is has a bof a flirty side, or as I like to call it "the net to the fish." (As is read in Wild Waters, Teague flirts with Carolina. And the picture below shows him as a young manon the flirty side.)

    So give me hat YOU, as PIRATES AND OTHERS, think.


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