"Proceed at your own risk. And mark well me words, mateys...dead men tell no tales!"
POTCOfficial October2013Animation

Welcome, foolish mortals... Oh, hang on... wrong Disney ride! Anyway, kindly step all the way in please and make room for everyone. There's no turning back now. On to it, then. Some of you may already seen or heard that the official Disney Pirates site had been changed. Yes, all four adventures are now together in one spot that only the brave or foolhardy venture in. Aye, you must be stouthearted, indeed, to enter this cursed place.

And so, in the spirit of Halloween, or All Hallows' Eve as some like to call it, I thought we could share which aspect of the Pirates of the Caribbean world (or even piracy in general) is the most thrilling, scariest, etc. It doesn't even have to be from the films - it can be about anything that appeared in other POTC media, like any video or online games as well as prequel books. Got any favorites? Please leave a comment below!
There be squalls ahead, and Davy Jones waiting for them what don't obey.

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