As it's been nearly 7 months since the release of On Stranger Tides, I'd like to ask the entire POTC fan community something. Just out of curiosity, who of the original Pirates trilogy did anyone miss?

And if possible, please refrain from stating the following characters...

  1. Will and/or Elizabeth – IMO their story is over and the fact that I, as well as some others, can't really see how they can return without ruining what was presented in the previous films. Also, Will has a duty aboard the Dutchman(that can't be broken as per "10 years later" in AWE), and Elizabeth cannot return as she's with child(I can't see a pregnant female character swordfight).
  2. Beckett, Norrington, Groves, Gillette, Weatherby Swann or any other deceased Englishmen – it may be just me, but I can't see any Royal Navy officers returning from the dead(seems more of a pirate thing).

Other than those people, you can state whoever you missed. But note that I wrote "if possible, please refrain": meaning if you really do miss Will, Elizabeth, etc you can write it. The only thing, just don't make it your only person that you it's VERY likely that there's no chance that they'll return in the films at this point.

But enough of my rant, who among the characters of Pirates trilogy did you miss?

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