I would like to give credit of finding this update to our very own POTC Wiki user User:Mr. Joshamee Gibbs! Probably wouldn't have found it without his recent post. ;)

Exactly one month ago, I made a blog post revealing that Disney had plans to add something from On Stranger Tides into the POTC ride. Well as of yesterday, courtesy of the Orlando Attractions Magazine, that addition has already been made. Check it out!

Mermaids added to Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Magic Kingdom

First Capt. Jack Sparrow was added, then Barbosa, Davy Jones and Blackbeard. Now something else from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies have been added to the ride at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. Watch out for evil mermaids as seen in On Strange Tides.

After you ride past the ghostly projection on the fog screen at the start of the ride, look down to your left or right and you may see a shape splashing in the water. Then check out the famous beach scene and you’ll notice one of the skeletons doesn’t look like the others.

Here's a video showing the creepy mermaids. Watch to the end to see them in slow motion:

POTCRide - Mermaids01:37

POTCRide - Mermaids

So what say you all on the latest change to the Ride? You can either answer via blog comments or the poll below!

Do you like the latest addition to the POTC Ride?

The poll was created at 15:14 on October 20, 2012, and so far 13 people voted.

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