"This is a beautiful sword. I would expect the man who made it to show the same care and devotion in every aspect of his life."

Ahoy, Pirates fans! On my journeys through the worldwide web, I happened to look on upon the official Pirates of the Caribbean Facebook page and found this post. The post in question links to an "Oh My Disney" post made in honor of the popular character we know as James Norrington. I read the post myself and thought it was a fitting tribute to the character, and felt obliged to share it here, where hopefully it gets more attention.

From the films themselves to even behind the scenes, Norrington has been given good word on his character. On the DVD commentary of The Curse of the Black Pearl, the screenwriters revealed who the better swordsmen (in that particular film) Norrington was equally matched with Hector Barbossa, with Will Turner being the best and Jack Sparrow being the worst. Despite that, Norrington has held his own in various encounters with wobbly-legged, rum-soaked pirates, even when he was disgraced and promoted to Admiral.
According to an interview with Box Office Mojo, on where Norrington's loyalties lie:

Box Office Mojo: Is Norrington a hero?
Ted Elliott: I really have a problem with the terms hero and villain. The only true evil in the world is willful ignorance—the refusal to accept facts.
Terry Rossio: I would say that a character who's good is one who would make a moral choice once they know all the facts versus a character who would knowingly make an immoral choice. By that criteria, I think Norrington is a good guy.

Indeed, Jack Davenport did a marvelous portrayal of a great character, from his skill to his white wig that made him look like an ice cream. And (SPOILERS, be warned!) may he rest in peace.

And now, to quote the Facebook post, Commodore Norrington fans, unite!

Like a finely powdered wig, or a super shiny button on a handsome naval uniform, Commodore James Norrington is a commanding presence on both the high seas and in our hearts. The Commodore may not get as much love as some other characters from Pirates of the Caribbean, but we think he deserves it. Accordingly, we’re calling the inaugural meeting of the Commodore Norrington Appreciation Club right now. So give a salute, make a sarcastic yet jovial remark, and let’s begin.
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What are your thoughts on James Norrington? Do you like him or hate him? Is Norrington your favorite character or least favorite character? Please leave a comment below! :)

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