Many important birthdays to celebrate. Though wish I'd thought of doing it like this last month...C'est la vie.
Now the following birthdays wishes to some of our Pirates cast and crew in this month of July:

The films' screenwriting duo Ted Elliott (July 4) and Terry Rossio (July 2), who have helped in giving us fans four amazing adventures with Captain Jack Sparrow, and one hilarious short film. While Terry is developing Pirates 5 as we speak, Ted isn't returning for a fifth I think we should wish him well as he goes into new horizons.

Next, we're getting to the cast members, particularly the well-known ones(in short, they were credited). We have Lee Arenberg aka Pintel (July 18), who we truly missed in On Stranger Tides and hope he returns to the franchise in some way. And another, we have Richard Griffiths aka King George II (July 31), who did a good portrayal of His Majesty, despite my doubts...still, I suppose it was good to see him somewhere other than Harry Potter.

And last, and most certainly not least...Geoffrey Rush aka Captain Hector Barbossa (July 6)! When we saw the last of Master Rush as ol' Hector, he served as a privateer under His Majesty, which served to good use in his revenge against Blackbeard. After defeating Mr. Beard at the Fountain of Youth, Barbossa claimed his ship, crew, and even his legendary sword as his own before leaving to become the next captain of Queen Anne's Revenge. Because of his interesting role in On Stranger Tides, I'm certain that many fans will look forward to his return in Pirates 5, with Geoffrey Rush wearing his hat and boots while wielding the Sword of Triton.

Now that I gave me wishes to some of our cast and crew of the Pirates series, I like to wish all users whose birthdays are in July. While I have NO idea how many of our numerous POTC-related Wiki users were born in July, I'll just say "Happy Birthday!" and wish you all well...including meself. (July 19) ha ha :)

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