Whatever their elements, though, if they begin with a lightning bolt, they are stories being told by Jerry Bruckheimer, and they will be great stories, well told.

Had a different blog post in mind, but this had something that definitely had to be seen here, even though it's a bit overdue. As the title suggests, Jerry Bruckheimer, the producer behind the Pirates of the Caribbean series, has finally received a Hollywood Walk of Fame Star in a special ceremony last month on June 24. The ceremony took place outside the El Capitan Theatre and featured a nice speech from, among other guests, Captain Jack Sparrow himself - Johnny Depp! You can see some of it, mainly with Depp's speech, in the video below.

He may not be the most popular folk out there, particularly since he's behind the camera. But as Johnny Depp said in his speech, Mr. Bruckheimer is a legend to us all. So I thought I should post this in honor of him and for all he's done for the past 10 years with Pirates of the Caribbean, let alone four decades for other projects. Also...Depp's speech had an interesting end that I'm sure all Pirates fans would want to see.

But enough of my blabber - congrats Jerry! Thanks for the movies that begin with a lightning bolt that are great stories, well told. And here's to hopefully more in the making! :)

Jerry Bruckheimer Hollywood Walk of Fame Star Ceremony Johnny Depp Speech04:06

Jerry Bruckheimer Hollywood Walk of Fame Star Ceremony Johnny Depp Speech

Oh, and a word of warning. I'm still in the process of working on yet another blog post. Bruckheimer's incredibly big honor sorta came up all of a sudden during my progress, though it had to be shown. But expect a post filled with expositions regarding what we know about the future of the Pirates franchise.

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