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Important News from Pirates Online

J Fan August 21, 2013 User blog:J Fan

Yes, Pirates fans, it's true. Players all over the world have just learned that Pirates of the Caribbean Online, the massively multiplayer online role playing game based on the beloved movie series, is indeed closing.

It's a shame, as the game had some info that POTC Wiki used with great pride. From in-game stuff like the vile pirate Jolly Roger or the many new-ish islands of the Caribbean to any extra information about the Queen Anne's Revenge or Sword of Triton prior to the release of On Stranger Tides.

Officially launched on October 31, 2007, Pirates Online allowed players to unleash their characters, captain their ships, assemble their crews, and battle their enemies in the adventure of a lifetime. On August 20, 2013, it was announced on the official website that Pirates Online would be closing on September 19, 2013. During that period, no further billing would ensue, and all players would enjoy "unlimited" access for free.

Our friends over at the Pirates of the Caribbean Online Wiki have posted a blog entry which included a message from the crew at Pirates Online. Click the image below to head over to read their blog:


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