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Ian McShane talks about Cuban Fury and Pirates 5

J Fan February 22, 2014 User blog:J Fan

When Bleeding Cool Met Ian McShane – Talking About Cuban Fury And Pirates Of The Caribbean 5

Here's what happened when I sat down with McShane to discuss the film and Pirates of the Caribbean 5. I know for sure that at there are, or at least have been, plans to bring McShane back for the film, so I asked him about that and... well, you'll see. But I don't think, listening to the fullness of his comments, that he's entirely convinced the film is going to happen at all.

You can see McShane's comments around 4:25 of this video

What do you guys think? Despite what Bleeding Cool is reporting, do you want a fifth Pirates movie to happen? And if so, do you want Blackbeard to make any appearance?

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