The Code is the law.

We all know the story of Tales of the Code: Wedlocked...either from actually watching it or having read it within the pages of this Wiki. The Auctioneer led an auction of wenches, with Scarlett and Giselle leading up the bids, which later turned to utter madness. This would end with an unspeakable circumstance that led the Code to be locked away for an unknown period of time(quite likely until the Fourth Brethren Court in At World's End).

Here's my point: with the way this short film was titled, do you believe we will ever see any future short films? Whether it be another Tales of the Code or any new type of short film(though I doubt they'll give away that great title)? If so, what untold story do you think can be told?

Me personally...I like to see a short film revolving around Jack and Gibbs' maneuver in New Guinea. Ok, I know this doesn't seem like a Tales of the Code-type story, but that's why I said "any type of new short film".