Throughout the Pirates movies, we've been introduced to some well-known sea shanties both old and new.

  1. Yo Ho (A Pirate's Life for Me) - I'll be surprised if no Pirates fan knows this song. Twas the first Disney attraction-related song created by the legendary X Atencio, and just for the original Disneyland ride! And about 36 years later, it would be sung by none other than Captain Jack Sparrow himself both in the films(The Curse of the Black Pearl, At World's End) and the revamped version of the ride we see today.
  2. Dead Man's Chest - Originally from the novel Treasure Island and expanded into a poem titled Derelict. Oddly enough, if stories be true, this song inspired "Yo Ho (A Pirate's Life for Me)". This song would be sung by one Joshamee Gibbs aboard the Black Pearl while drinking a bottle of rum, as per the portion he sung.
  3. Hoist the Colours - Now this song be truly a treasure as a it was the first song created just for the third film At World's End, written by writers Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio with the assistance of director Gore Verbinski. Used as a call to the Brethren Court, Hoist the Colours relates to the tale of Calypso being bound to human form by the First Brethren Court.
  4. My Jolly Sailor Bold - Obviously a sea shanty that hasn't been heard until the release of the fourth film, On Stranger Tides...or the book titled Real sailor-songs. This song would first be sung by Scrum and co. in the Captain's Daughter and later at Whitecap Bay(as a little trivia, Jolly Sailor Bold was originally sung first at Whitecap Bay as per the film's script). But it was the singing of the mermaid Tamara that entranced sailors and many Pirates fans...until the beautiful, yet deadly mermaid gave us a scare.
  5. Pyrate Bryde - Like Hoist the Colors, this song was created exclusively for the short film Tales of the Code: Wedlocked by Warren Goodlang. An instrumental version was played as the slapping wenches Scarlett and Giselle discovered their predicament of being "Brides", while the actual song itself was played during the ending credits to Wedlocked(which, another trivia, makes this the first time we don't hear "He's a Pirate"). For those who haven't heard the song, as its rare to find the short film aside from the Four-Movie collection, you can go and have a listen to it here.

So tell me, mates...which of these shanties fancy you?