Way back in a previous blog post I made back in May, I posted a certain whispering and rumor that Walt Disney Imagineering was developing a new attraction relating to the Pirates movies: The Legend of Captain Jack Sparrow. Now I'm happy to is indeed happening! - though a bit later as originally stated.

Courtesy of blog post made by Jennifer Fickley-Bakerof Disney Parks Blog...


Our friends at Walt Disney Imagineering just shared these first renderings of what you can expect at this new walk-through attraction when it officially opens on December 6. In it, guests will journey deep into an eerie lost grotto, where a mysterious pirate skull puts them to the test to see if they have what it takes to set sail with the legendary Captain Jack Sparrow. Along the way, they must face all the perils of a pirate’s life as their favorite moments from the films come to life before their eyes.

Dress rehearsals and previews begin in late November before the grand opening on December 6.

So, what do you all think of what's been seen so far of the latest Disney attraction? And most importantly, for those who either live in Florida, or take a trip to Disney World every now and then, are you excited for December 6?

To make things a bit more interesting, I have updated the Countdown Clock which you can see on the Main Page. ;)

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