"Take heed, wretched curs. Your fate is sealed."
Blackbeard Ride2

You may have read it here, or perhaps found out after a trip to Disneyland, but Blackbeard is no longer in the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction as of this month. Ok, small clarification: posts have been made where it would seem Davy Jones appears solo in the Disneyland version of the ride...that's it. Odds are, fans of Blackbeard can still get a glimpse of the legendary "pirate all pirates fear" at the Magic Kingdom version. As you may well know, both characters appeared in the ride's "waterfall effect", with Blackbeard being introduced to coincide with the 2011 release of Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.

Simply put, if you wanna see Blackbeard on the ride, you needs to go to the Magic Kingdom at Disney World. Otherwise, Disney theme parks found at California and Tokyo have Davy Jones.

Think you will miss Mr. Beard? Or do you think Captain Calamari is good enough for the ride?

Credit for the find:

Also, should this be an omen of things to come, can anyone provide Mr. Beard's dialogue from the ride? If not, perhaps someone who goes to Disney World in Orlando regularly can provide some. Prefer to have a video or some sort of audio, but any help would be great! It's mainly needed for archiving this page, for archiving purposes. Did the same thing with Davy Jones, but that was after over-examining the POTC audio videos found on YouTube.

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