Rumored to have been up for the part late last month, actor Brenton Thwaites may have an appearance (if not a large role) in the fifth Pirates of the Caribbean film. According to a story at TheWrap, Thwaites is in talks for the role of "Henry", said to be a British soldier. Nothing else is currently known about the character, other than the part is possibly similar to that of Orlando Bloom's Will Turner and/or Sam Claflin's Philip Swift.

Thwaites also made appearances throughout this year in Maleficent and The Giver. The young star recently completed production on Alex Proyas' Gods of Egypt, set for release February 12, 2016.

Regarding already-known actors that will appear in Pirates 5...
Johnny Depp is set to return as Captain Jack Sparrow in his next adventure on the high seas. Also on the list of returning characters is Geoffrey Rush (as Captain Barbossa) and Kevin McNally (as Joshamee Gibbs)... and certain posts made in the last month suggest that we may see Martin Klebba (Marty), Lee Arenberg and Mackenzie Crook (Pintel and Ragetti) back in the upcoming sequel.

As reported in the past, Javier Bardem is still said to be in talks to play the new film's villain - purported to be the rumored "Captain Brand", a ghost bent on revenge against Sparrow, whom he holds responsible for the murder of his brother. Although unconfirmed, rumors also suggest that other returning cast members will include Ian McShane (Blackbeard), Stephen Graham (Scrum), Keith Richards (Captain Teague), and a cameo from Orlando Bloom (Will Turner). Some fans are raving for Penélope Cruz to return as Angelica, so she could star side-by-side with her husband Javier could happen.

And lastly, Joachim Rønning and Espen Sandberg are set to direct, with Jeff Nathanson working on the script, and Jerry Bruckheimer is returning to produce. Currently under the subtitle Dead Men Tell No Tales, the film is set to start filming in early 2015 (maybe February?) in Queensland, Australia, with Disney releasing the latest sequel in July 2017.

What do you think of Brenton Thwaites' potential role? What about the film itself? Leave a comment below!

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