I couldn't help but show this, mainly because this seems a tad odd...

While at the premiere of Iron Man 3, a fan asked Robert Downey Jr. if he would take on Pirates 5 with Johnny Depp. Though it is hard to hear RDJ's response, I take it from the video's description that he wonders if Disney could afford both of them. Now, considering that this was given to a fan, I'm not sure if this should be considered as an official interest. More than likely just as a conversation between celebrity and fan. So take this with a grain of salt.

Just thought I should post this intriguing video...mostly because I wanted to see reactions from Marvel fans.
So should Captain Jack team with Iron Man?...or at least the man who brought him to life.

In closing, I like to say...I hope you all like the cheesy title of this blog. xD

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