Good news, the titles of ALL 5 Deleted/Extended scenes of OST have arisen from this site. And as a special treat, I'll use my certain sources to figure out what the scenes are. Here is the list:

Deleted Scenes

  1. Old Bill- All is known is the character from the ride was to make an appearance in OST...however, it was obviously cut. I can only guess that it was during the "Captain's Daughter" pub scene.
  2. Smart, Now! - From what I find on paper, probably the ONLY OST deleted/extended scene with Barbossa. I'm sure it's the scene because Barbossa does say "Smart now!" in the script. It takes place before Gibbs is brought to Barbossa to provide a heading(the Spanish galleons scene).
  3. Tonight - As said by Rob Marshall in this article: "That's where Jack plans to mutiny," Marshall recalls, "and there's this lovely round robin where he tells a pirate, 'Tonight,' and that pirate tells somebody else, 'Tonight,' and it goes all the way around the ship and comes back to him."

Extended Scenes

  1. Tango - Obviously the extended dance between Jack and Angelica where Jack gives the Ring of Thieves back to Angelica. Though the majority of the world that has access to Youtube has already seen it.
  2. Voodoo Doll - I'm thinking it could be either two scenes. My first thought is that it could be the in-depth of Blackbeard's making of the Jack voodoo doll(during the Blackbeard's cabin scene), which involved Blackbeard cutting off one of Jack's dreads for the doll. My second thought is that it may be a scene where Angelica manipulates the voodoo doll in a sensual way(during the ships in a bottle scene).

So that's all the deleted/extended scenes and my ideas of what the scenes could possibly be. But just to clarify, I'm not 100% on some of my ideas for what the scenes are(particularly "Old Bill", "Smart Now!", and "Voodoo Doll")...I'm just taking it all from what I know. Though I will say that I am disappointed that the "Jack Mermaid Slap" scene didn't made it on the DVD. :(

Well, enjoy!

ETA: I just realized that this list may have had the scenes in chronological order(depending if my hunches are right)...LOL xD