"The Santiago. Famously captained by Ponce de León." - Captain Jack Sparrow

Many of you must be scratching your heads by your curiosity...What is so special about June 14, 2010? Well for those who are new, or have not had the chance to remember, that was the very first day that Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides started filming. Meaning, on that day...Johnny Depp returned to being in Captain Jack Sparrow's skin, and Pirates had returned after a break that went a little too long. It also began the long journey of filming On Stranger Tides from two months in Hawaii (one month Kauai, one month Oahu), three weeks in Los Angeles, one week in Puerto Rico, and two months in the United Kingdom.

For those who are new of this, you can see what occurred on that day through the following videos:

I hope everyone has a great time celebrating the anniversary of the events that occurred June 14, 2010. Indeed, that day was the day, figuratively speaking, that Captain Jack's quest for the Fountain of Youth truly began. Enjoy! :)

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